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Princeton Students You Are Thinking Too Small

Alex Morash 25th Nov 143 45

Princeton University students have demanded the removal of President Woodrow Wilson’s name from campus for segregating Washington, D.C. and demanded an end to the systems of privilege on campus, but these students are thinking to small, the real problem is elite universities.

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Troye Drives Us WILD

Alex Morash 20th Sep 125 28

Troye Sivan, a popular Australian actor and youtube star that launched a music career last year is back with new music this month. First we got a taste this summer with his collaboration with Zedd on the song Papercut. Now we see Troye launching a three music video set, Blue Neighborhood.

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New Remix Album from The Young Professionals

Alex Morash 3rd Sep 12 20

The Young Professionals are at it again with a new album focused on remixes. The queer techno band from Tel Aviv launched the album with the song All Of It But Me, an original work. The first remix video launched last month S.O.S. is a techno pop update to ABBA classic.

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Fed Rate Extravaganza

Alex Morash 18th Sep 149 25

What a week of media coverage. Listening, watching and reading the news and one might think the Federal Reserve meeting was the second coming! Economists, activists, journalists, investors and anyone else the media could get a mic in front of had an opinion on raising interest rates.

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Equality for More

Alex Morash 22nd Aug 747 19

The Supreme Court’s ruling grants marriage equality. An amazing victory for the LGBT community. However, this victory expands equality more for some in the queer community than others. We cannot believe this is thefts fight for our community and we need to address the needs of none white and non male members of our community.

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Secretary Clinton’s heartfelt video for LGBT/Queer Families

Alex Morash 22nd Aug 14 11

The fight for equality has been a hard road, paved with the sacrifices of many brave women and men. The recent supreme court case saw the LGBT/Queer community take a great leap forward. Secretary Clinton celebrated with the Queer community and released a video honoring the occasion.

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