Alex Morash

Democrat for State Representative in the First Barnstable District

Alex Morash Tours Start Up Space

April 14th 2014

“I have heard of business incubators and collaborative workspaces and am interested in seeing Cape Cod have one of it’s own. Being able to tour these facilities gives me a better understand of the importance of these spaces”.

The tour included the main work space, a mini cafe with art gallery, lounge and meeting room space. Individuals can purchase a monthly membership for $20 and pay $2 an hour to use the space or pay $200 a month for unlimited access.

Collaborative work spaces and business incubators are shared work spaces that allow start ups and small business to have a low cost work space. It also allows these young professionals to network and brainstorm ideas together. These business partnerships spur growth and may lead to job creation on Cape Cod.

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Morash Kicks Off Campaign to a Full House!

February 10th 2014

Alex Morash kicked off his campaign to a packed room at Ardeo Mediterranean Tavern in Yarmouth this Sunday with a crowd of over 50 supporters.

“I am so grateful of the outpouring of support at our campaign kick off” Morash stated about the event.

Event goers had been treated to a Sunday afternoon event with pastries and tea and talked with Alex Morash about why he wants to be the next state representative from the First Barnstable.

The speaking portion of the event started with Alex Morash being endorsed by Chelsea City Council President Matthew Frank.

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March with Alex Morash - May 4th Noon

Brewster in Bloom Parade

March with Alex Morash in the Brewster in Bloom parade. Email for details.

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Morash Speaks Out Against Low Wage Employers

January 9th 2014

Alex Morash testified in front of the Cape Cod Commission today against the Lowe’s proposal in Dennis. Sighting the commission’s findings that the corporation provides wages below the state and industry average as to why he is against the development. Alex Morash stated “We need high quality jobs that pay a living wage. Dennis and the surrounding communities have increasing levels of poverty and strains on affordable housing. We cannot create more low wage jobs, we need to focus on creating jobs in research of our oceans, high quality accommodations jobs and invest in our shellfish industry. “

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A Bold Progressive!

Alex Morash is bold and unapologetic in advocating for seniors and working families. He is determined to fight for a higher minimum wage, expanded earned sick time for all workers, greater protections for seniors and advocate for our schools. In this time of economic insecurity, seniors face greater strains on their fixed income, working families struggle to pay the bills and young people are unable to find work, we need bold action.

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